Statistics in Schools and the 2020 Census

Statistics in Schools is a U.S. Census Bureau program that uses census data to create activities, materials, and other resources you can use in your classroom. Use SIS to: 

• Bolster your existing lesson plans. 

• Enhance student learning across subjects. 

• Boost students’ statistical literacy and data-finding skills. 

• Prepare students for a data-driven world. 

• Impact the amount of federal funding your school receives. 

These free resources—created by teachers, for teachers—are engaging for students, aligned with standards, and designed for use with existing lesson plans. SIS provides activities for preschool through grade 12 to support learning in nearly every subject. The SIS website has more than 200 activities and resources. Teachers across the country have been using SIS in their daily instruction.

SIS and School Funding 

For this school year, teachers created 67 activities to highlight the 2020 Census. These activities educate students and people in their home about the importance of the once-a-decade count of the U.S. population, with a special focus on counting all children. This is critical because 2020 Census responses will provide the basis for distributing more than $675 billion in federal funds to states and communities each year for the next 10 years—including money for important school programs and services such as:

• Special education 

• Free and reduced-price lunch 

• Class size reduction 

• Classroom technology 

Beyond 2020 SIS is not a one-and-done program. All of the materials are designed to be used year after year to enhance student learning. 

Easy to Access and Use

Act now—the 2020 Census begins next spring. Get started by visiting the SIS website and sign up for the Statistics in Schools newsletter to stay up to date on all of the key events and new materials that will be released during the 2019-2020 school year. 


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