Spring 2021 Semester Tests

Students that are coming to school for in-person classes, please read the following:

For the Spring 2021 semester all students (9th -12th grade) are exempt from semester tests. Next school year we will return to our attendance policy in regards to semester test exemptions.

If a student decides to not take a semester test, his/her grade will be an average of the third and fourth nine weeks grade. If a student decides to take a semester test it can only help their grade. 

  • No limit to the number of days absent by students for exempt status.

  • However, students can voluntarily take a semester test in order to improve their grade in a class. Taking the semester test can only improve a student’s grade not harm it.

  • Semester tests at the HS will be on May 26th and 27th, with May 28th being a make-up day.  

  • To be eligible for exemption on those 2 days, students will need to return a document, signed by the parent/guardian, that acknowledges that their child will not be at school on one or both of those days. 

    -This form will be passed out to students on Monday, May 17th.

    -If a student wishes to come to school, they cannot leave campus unless checked out by their parent or guardian.

    -If a student leaves campus without checking out with the school office they are considered truant.

    -Any student that gets on a school bus on either of those 2 days is considered to be at school for the day unless checked out.