PGHS CAP Conferences

Parents and Students,

Due to our inability to have in person CAP Conferences, we have opened up our online course selection for next school year through student HAC accounts.  Please visit the CAP Conference Website - - to view the Advising Video for your grade level as well as the tutorial on how to choose classes online before you attempt to register.  There are other resources on the page to help students and parents plan and decide the best path.  

If you still have specific questions or concerns after you watch the videos and read all of the handouts you can book a 15 minute Google Hangout with Mrs. Hunt at  Please take advantage of the resources that have been created to help you first!

All course selections for next year should be finalized by 6pm on Wednesday, May 20th.

Advisors will follow up with students after May 20th if there is something that needs to be fixed.