Dress Code Reminders

The Prairie Grove Board of Education recognizes that dress can be a matter of personal taste and preference. At the same time, the District has a responsibility to promote an environment conducive to student learning.

This requires limitations to student dress and grooming that could be disruptive to the educational process because they are immodest, disruptive, unsanitary, un-safe, could cause property damage, or are offensive to common standards of decency.

The Superintendent shall establish student dress codes for the District’s schools, to be included in the student handbook, and are consistent with the above criteria. Student dress, grooming, and appearance should be the responsibility of the individual and his/her parent or
guardian. However, it is part of the responsibility of teachers and administrators to set standards for dress and grooming as they relate to a co-educational setting. Students are expected to dress in fashion that will not cause others to be distracted from academic pursuit during instructional time or at activities. Clothing will be considered to be inappropriate for school if students do not observe the following guidelines: students are to wear clothing, which reflect non-provocative styling and is appropriate in a co-educational classroom.

Unacceptable clothing includes but is not limited to:

Tank Tops or off the shoulder tops, clothing that exposes the midriff/back, undergarments that are visible, sagging pants, clothing which advertises or promotes tobacco, drugs, alcohol, or immoral conduct, clothing which displays obscene or suggestive language, violence/racism, or is in poor taste, any gang related clothing or attire is prohibited.

The length of shorts or skirts should be below the student’s fingertips while arms are at the side in a normal standing position. Rips, tears, mesh, and/or holes in pants that expose skin or undergarments will be subject to the fingertip rule as well. Leggings/yoga pants must be worn with tops that completely cover the buttocks.

Students are prohibited from wearing, while on the school grounds during the school day and at school-sponsored events, clothing that exposes underwear, buttocks, or the breast of a female.

Students who violate the dress code will be subject to disciplinary action, and may be required to change their clothes before returning to class.
This set of expectations is not designed to restrict individual creatively or student expression. It is designed to promote good taste and grooming in the close quarters that can exist in many classrooms. Further, these restrictions do not apply to an approved costume or uniform worn by a student while participating in a school-sponsored activity or event. School authorities may require certain types of clothing or jewelry to be worn or not worn in special extra-curricular activities.

The principal's judgment as to the appropriateness of clothing for school is to be respected and upheld.
First Offense: Warning/change of clothes (students may be sent to ISS if not able to change clothes).
Second Offense: Unexcused absence (students may be sent to ISS if not able to change clothes).
Subsequent Offense(s): ISS/OSS to a maximum penalty of expulsion
Legal References: A.C.A. § 6-18-502(c) (1) A.C.A. § 6-18-503(c) Date Adopted: 6/9/2003
Last Revised: 6/20/2011,7/16/18