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Charge Policy

The district does not provide credit for students to charge for meals, a la carte, or other food and beverage items available for purchase in the school food service areas. Meals, a la carte, or other food and beverage items may be purchased by providing payment for the items at the time of receipt or by having a prepaid account with the district that may be charged for the items. Parents, or students choosing to do so, may pay in advance for meals, a la carte or other food and beverage items.

Child Nutrition Department Staff

Child Nutrition Director 
Renee Marshall 
479 846-4216

Elementary School Manager
Danielle Patton
479 846-4213 ext. 3509

Middle School Manager
Alisha Mayton
479 846-4213 ext. 1220

Junior High Manager
Shannon Hill
479 846-4213 ext. 3119

High School Manager
Michelle Johnson
479 846-4213 ext. 3815