Prairie Grove Health & Wellness Clinic

Contact Us: (479) 846-8100

Prairie Grove School District has opened a School Based Health Clinic in the intermediate Building on the Prairie Grove School Campus. The center is a community clinic designed to server students as well as our community members. The goal of this clinic is to promote the overall health of the Prairie Grove students so they can fully benefit from their educational program. The services offered include:

  • Primary care for illness and injury
  • Comprehensive annual exams
  • Prescription medications
  • Mental Health services
  • Health Promotion and Prevention Programs
  • Dental scrennings for students
  • Comprehensive vision screenings with glasses dispensed as needed

Not only does the clinic serve our students, but is also open to our community members. We offer some early morning hours as well as some late afternoon hours to help accommodate all of our community.

ALL students attending the district are eligible to enroll in the School Based Health Center. If your child does not have insurance, please contact the Wellness Clinic for more information on ARKids First. If you already have an insurance provide, we will be happy to work with them to see that your child gets the best care. We are NOT trying to replace your regular source of health care.

Enrollment packets have been sent home with your child. We would ask that you fill them out and send them back to your child's school or the Wellness Clinic as soon as possible. Parent consent IS REQUIRED, except in situations noted on the Parent Consent forms, before your child can be seen.

Please contact your SCHC Coordinator, Carmel Perry, for further information about health services available to you and your child. You are welcome to call the office anytime at 1-479-846-4211 ext. 3307

We are so excited to serve you and your child here at the Prairie Grove Health and Wellness Clinic!

PG Health and Wellness Committee meets monthly and would like to invite anyone that is interested to join us. For more information, contact Carmel Perry at 8464213 ext. 3307 or