Hello Tiger Families!

Thank you for your patience as you are waiting for guidance on how our district will handle the Covid-19 issues we are having at the moment.  Due to the number of positives and quarantined employees causing an issue to run our buildings effectively, we moved to virtual instruction for the past three days.  This has given us time to create a plan of action to present to the Arkansas Department of Education and Arkansas Department of Health for approval to pivot to extended virtual instruction. 

Mandated approval was received from ADE and ADH this afternoon, we will transition in the following manner:

1 - Pre-K, Elementary, Middle School and Junior High classes will continue virtual instruction through November 24th and return to on-site instruction November 30th.  Your child’s principal or teacher will be contacting them very soon with more specific information.  Please have your child monitor their school email.

2 - High School classes will return to on-site instruction November 12th.

3 - As when school started, students, faculty, and staff will be expected to socially distance themselves and wear masks when proper distance cannot be maintained.

4 - Please have your child STAY HOME if they show any symptoms of CoVid-19 infection.  These symptoms include fever, allergies, sore throat, stomach ache, etc.  If your child is experiencing these symptoms we strongly recommend you have them tested.

5 - If your child experiences these symptoms, has tested positive for the virus, or has been informed they need to quarantine due to possible exposure to the virus, please contact our school district’s Point-of-Contact, Nurse Danielle Randolph, (daniel.randolph@pgtigers.org or 479-846-4211) as soon as possible.

6 - Technology plans are being coordinated with each building administrator laying out a plan for students/families to have materials necessary to work from home virtually.

Thank you for your partnership during these trying times,

Reba Holmes