Back to School Readiness Plan

Prairie Grove School District Return to School Plan August 2020

  • Require all employees, visitors, and students to wear protective face masks when social distancing is not possible.

  • Visitors to schools will be limited to essential workers and/or a case by case basis.

  • Hand sanitizer will be located in primary entrance areas and classrooms.

  • Encourage and monitor social distancing, hand washing, etc.

  • Schools and buses will be cleaned daily. 

  • All teachers will have disinfectant supplies.

  • Face masks will be provided for employees and students.

  • Teachers will have easy access to touchless thermometers.

  • Plans for buses to operate at approximately 66% capacity. We will start the year using the same routes as last year. With possible changes later.

  • Face masks are required when on a bus.

  • Daily self-screening required for all staff and students. Please use the Home Screening Checklist below. Contact your health care provider or call your school nurse if you answer yes for any of the screening questions. Please help us mitigate the spread of infectious disease by screening your child/children for illness prior to coming to school each day. If a student shows unexplained symptoms (i.e. cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat, or loss of taste or smell) or has a fever of 100.4 or higher, they should not come to school. Contact your healthcare provider or building level school nurse if further guidance is needed. Completing this screening prior to coming to school is more effective and efficient than screening upon arrival to school and will allow our teachers and staff to focus time on instruction and provide a more normalized educational experience.

Home Screening Checklist

Virtual Learning Information

Parents, if you have chosen from your child to participate in school from home using virtual instruction, please choose a link below based upon your child's grade level.  You will be taken to a short video to give you an overview of your child's experience.

All classes done online in this manner will follow Arkansas State Curriculum Standards, and a licensed teacher from your child's school will be monitoring your child's progress.  Furthermore, we are in the process of creating times throughout the school day for your child to have a chance to interact with a licensed teacher at a Prairie Grove school to address any issues that might occur in their instruction.

For parents of a student in Grades K-3

For parents of students in grades 4-5

For parents of students in grades 6-8

For parents of students in grades 9-12

  • Lincoln Learning

  • High School students that are enrolled in Advanced Placement courses, and have chosen to have instruction at home,  will be using Virtual Arkansas resources for their at-home instruction.

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