COVID-19 Reporting and Information


If your student or a member of your household has either tested positive for COVID-19 or been exposed to COVID-19 please fill out the following

Si su estudiante o un miembro de su hogar ha dado positivo en la prueba de COVID-19 o ha estado expuesto a COVID-19, complete lo siguiente

COVID-19 Student/Parent Reporting Form 2021-2022 English/Español

STAFF ONLY: If you or a member of your household has either tested positive for COVID-19 or been exposed to COVID-19 please fill out the following

COVID-19 Staff Reporting Form 2021-2022 English/Español

Parents please keep your student home and call or email the Prairie Grove Public Schools Point of Contact immediately if:

  • Someone in the household has tested positive for COVID-19

  • Someone in the household has been identified as a "close contact" to a positive case and being quarantined and/or being recommended for testing

  • Your student attending on-site is showing symptoms related to COVID-19

  • Your student attending on-site is being tested for COVID-19

PGSD Covid-19 Response Plan and Digital Learning Plan (updated March 18, 2022)

  • PGSD is following the previous version of it's Response to Learning Plan with the following recommendations:

  • Concern about consistency of expectations for lessons done during AMI days

    • AMI (Alternative Means of Instruction) days allow students to access lessons online (usually Google Classroom) while not having to lose an instructional day.

    • Parents and teachers expressed concern that different teachers from the same grade level or similar subject area did not have the same levels of rigor or expectations on their AMI lessons.

    • Teachers allowing students to complete AMI activities during class time when these activities are expected to be completed on the day of AMI

    • AMI lessons need to be lessons to reinforce and refresh previous learning, not new learning goals.

  • Suggestions for changes?

  • Allow teacher teams (same grade level or subject area) to have discussion of the varied lesson plans that are done during AMI days.

  • Come up with standard online lessons for AMI days that are consistent within the teacher team.

    • One suggestion was to have each teacher responsible for one AMI day.  That online lesson would be shared with the other teachers in the team for consistency.

    • These lessons should be reviews or extended practice from previously learned topics and skills.

  • Reinforce to teachers that the expectation is that AMI school work is expected to be done on the AMI day and not using school instructional time.

PGSD Covid-19 Response Plan and Digital Learning Plan (updated 10-12-21)

  • PGSD is still following the implemented plan of allowing PGSD students with medical documentation to do in-home instruction.  

    • PGES and PGMS students who are doing at-home instruction are using the NW Arkansas Educational Cooperative for their digital instruction.

    • PGJH students who are doing in-home instruction are using Lincoln Learning provided by the Arkansas Public School Resource Center and the ADE.

    • PGHS students who are doing in-home instruction are using digital instruction provided by an ADE-approved digital learning company called Edgenuity.

  • Starting at the beginning of the school year, the Prairie Grove School District’s Board of Education voted to mandate all students and staff to wear masks while inside buildings during the school day.  However, that mandate was changed at the September school board meeting. Now students and staff of the PGSD have the option to wear a mask during school activities.

  • In a September 29th press conference, Governor Asa Hutchinson made the following proclamation regarding quarantine protocols for schools. 

    • Currently, individuals do not have to quarantine if:

  • They are fully vaccinated and do not show any symptoms, OR

  • They have previously tested positive in the past 90 days and do not show any symptoms, OR

  • Both parties were wearing a mask consistently and correctly throughout the entire exposure and the individual is not showing symptoms.

PGSD COVID-19 Response Plan (updated 8/12/2021)

When is the first day of school for Prairie Grove Students?

The school year will begin for Prairie Grove Schools on August 17, 2021.

What will the school day be like when school starts?  Will it be “normal”?

We want your child’s experience to be the same as any other time they were at school.  However, given our community, region, and state’s current situation and the safety of our students, the Prairie Grove School Board voted to require students and staff to wear masks indoors at any school facility and in any school-provided transportation.  This action will be revisited at each monthly board meeting.  Specifically, this action states:


Pursuant to action by the PGSD School Board, all students and staff in grades kindergarten through 12th grade are required to wear an appropriate mask or face covering in the following situations:

  • While attending school or school function that is indoors of a school building or facility;

  • While riding in school-provided transportation.

All masks and face coverings must cover the nose and mouth of the student.  This applies to students inside school buildings before and after school as well.  Students shall wear masks or face coverings at all times except for the following situations:

  • Students may remove their mask or face-covering for the purpose of eating or drinking;

  • Students may remove their masks or face-covering when appropriate social distancing measures are in place as determined by a Prairie Grove School District staff member;

  • Students may remove their masks and face-coverings on a case-by-case basis for specific instructional purposes, including extracurricular activities, as determined by a teacher, in which case the teacher will require appropriate social distancing measures; or

  • Students may be exempted from this Emergency Plan due to special behavioral or individualized needs as determined by the administration.


Until further notice, all PGSD employees shall be required to wear a mask or face covering while being inside any school building or facility.  The following may be reasons for the employee to be exempt from this requirement:

  • Employees may remove masks and face coverings for the purpose of eating or drinking;

  • Employees may remove masks and face coverings when appropriate social distancing measures are in place - i.e. working in an office; or away from others;

  • The Superintendent can exempt employees from this requirement, if proper medical documentation is provided.

The CDC and ADH also recommends that people maintain a distance of at least 6 feet between themselves and others.  We will adhere to this recommendation as best as possible, given the constraints of the sizes and furniture arrangements in our classrooms and gathering areas inside schools.  When these distances cannot be maintained, we encourage students and staff to wear a facemask. 

What about student activities, assemblies, outside of the classroom?

Elementary and Middle School students will still have recess.  While at recess, students will NOT be required to wear a mask and NOT be required to play in a certain zone on the playground.  While we cannot anticipate how future events will take place during this pandemic, we still plan to have school assemblies, pep rallies, field trips, class parties, etc.  Schools will have students seated to observe proper distancing to the best of our ability and masks will be required to be worn if not capable of social distancing.

Given the many questions our patrons have been asking regarding what school will look like in Prairie Grove at the start of this school year, we have decided to postpone early release Wednesdays until September 15th.  This delay will allow our students, parents, and staff to establish routines before starting this opportunity.  If you have already made appointments for your children on Wednesdays, we will excuse the absences.

Will masks be provided for students?

While students can bring their masks, schools will also have masks for students to use as well.

Will visitors be allowed to be inside the school building?

While visitors may be allowed in the office area for school business to be conducted, we will be very guarded, according to the Covid-19 risk levels, to allow anyone other than school staff and students past the school office area.  

If visitors are permitted to enter past the office, they may be screened for possible Covid-19 symptoms.  As school begins, we are requesting that parents do not escort their children to the classroom door.  The schools will have plenty of available staff to usher students to their correct classrooms.  If, due to a situation, a person from outside the school is required to go into the hallways of a Prairie Grove school, they may be asked to be screened for symptoms of Covid before entering. 

Parents who wish to be a volunteer at a school or classroom can still do so with prior approval from the building principal.  So that we can socially distance our students properly during lunch, we are not allowing parents to eat lunch with their child at this time.  

All individuals that are required to enter a PGSD building are subject to answer a questionnaire for symptoms and have their temperature checked.  Visitors and volunteers will be required to wear a mask while at school based on the current risk level.  

What will the school district do if a teacher or a student tests positive for Covid-19?

In the event an individual tests positive, we will follow the current guidance from ADH and ADE.  As of now, if someone tests positive, regardless if they are vaccinated or not, they must be isolated for 10 days per ADH guidelines.  This isolation will either be 10 days from the onset of symptoms (symptoms must be improved & fever-free for 24 hours without the aid of medication) or 10 days from the positive test date if no symptoms are present.  Our District Point of Contact will begin investigating the case to determine if any close contacts are identified.  If a student or staff member meets the criteria as a close contact, then that person could be required to quarantine.   

A quarantine order could be issued if a student or staff member is exposed to a positive COVID-19 person.  Exposure is considered within six feet or less of a positive COVID person for a cumulative 15-minute period per 24 hour period.  If the potential close contact is fully vaccinated, that person will not have to quarantine unless they later develop COVID symptoms.  However, the CDC recommends that a vaccinated person, who has been exposed to someone testing positive, be tested themselves 5 -7 days after the exposure. If the potential close contact is not fully vaccinated, they will be required to quarantine for a 7, 10, or 14 day period.  The 7-day quarantine only applies to faculty and staff.  Students will be quarantined for either 10 or 14 days.

In order for an employee to return to school after seven days, the potential close contact must take a COVID test after day five of the exposure and get a negative result.  

Proof of the negative result will need to be given to the district Point of Contact or your building-level school nurse.  Otherwise, with no COVID test, quarantined persons may return to school after 10 days as long as they have not developed symptoms.  One other exception to this rule is that a Potential Close Contact would not have to quarantine if both they and the infected person were fully masked during the period of exposure.  Masks must be worn properly by both parties for this to apply. 

A “properly worn mask” means that the facemask must cover both the nose & mouth at all times.  

Prairie Grove Schools is still responsible for responding to confirmed cases within the school district and identifying close contacts and quarantines. 

Please use the link below for more detailed information about the Prairie Grove School District Health Guidelines for Covid-19 2021/2022

Health Guidelines 2021/2022

If my child is quarantined, how will they complete their school work?

If a student is quarantined, they will be treated in the same manner for an extended absence due to illness.  Your child’s teacher will be made aware of the situation and create a plan of activities/assignments for your child to be as up-to-date with the instruction going on in the classroom as possible.  Depending on your child’s health, this could mean reading assignments, written assignments, or assignments done digitally.  

It is important to remember that presently, many student assignments are communicated online.  Likewise, classroom materials and resources are found online as well.  So if your child is going to be out for an extended period of time, it is vital that they have their school-issued Chromebook and internet access.  Furthermore, if your child is quarantined they, or their parent/guardian, will need to check the student’s email daily for communications from their teachers.  If you do not have internet access, please let your child’s teachers, school counselor, or principal know as soon as possible.

What do I need to do if I want my child to be educated virtually?

The PGSD has plans approved by the Arkansas State Board of Education to allow students to have their school instruction at home if necessary.  

However, to prevent the number of students who struggled with virtual instruction from last year, we ask for two conditions to be met before being enrolled in school virtually.

  1. The student must have medical documentation that states that the student needs virtual instruction because of a health concern due to Covid-19.  Likewise, a student might be eligible for virtual instruction if an immediate family member (a family member that lives in the home or has frequent contact with the student) has a health concern due to Covid and can provide the necessary medical documentation for that concern. 

  2. The student, along with a parent or guardian, will interview with the building principal, or their designee to explain how to access the virtual instruction online and understand the school’s expectations for the student to be successful.  

Will students be able to participate in extracurricular activities and sports in the fall?

As of this update, all extracurricular activities are still scheduled to be conducted this school year.  However, modifications to how the activities are conducted could be changed if the ADH and the Arkansas Activities Association (AAA) decide.  The  ADH and CDC recommend that all spectators wear masks for indoor events.  Please communicate with your child’s coach for specific questions or clarifications.

What precautions will be implemented regarding cleaning and sanitizing?

Sanitation and cleanliness will be a high priority for our school district as students return to classes this fall. Schools will also provide time for, and encourage, hand washing and hand sanitizing on all campuses.  Teachers will also be encouraged to keep classroom windows partially open to allow fresh air to circulate as much as possible. 

All water fountains Prairie Grove Schools will be operating.  Some fountains have water bottle filling stations in all schools. The district encourages students to bring a water bottle to utilize the water bottle filling stations.  Please have your student check with their teacher or building principal to see if their school has rules regarding which types of water bottles can be used.

What happens if schools have to close or pivot again?

The PGSD has a plan, approved by the State School Board of Arkansas, to address your child’s education with Prairie Grove Schools if we have to close, or pivot, for an extended period of time.  This plan includes using online resources either through the online platform that is consistent with your child’s school.  Once again, it is imperative that your child keeps their school-issued Chromebook in good working order and that you either have an internet connection at your home presently or make your child’s school aware that you need assistance.

In the beginning days of the school year, your child’s teacher will be showing students how to access any online resources needed.

What about AMI days?  

AMI, or Alternative Methods of Instruction, days can count as a school day for 10 days in a school year, but students still have assignments they must complete at home.  These days are reserved for short periods when schools need to be closed due to inclement weather or school-wide emergencies.  

The above items are subject to change depending on new guidance and information released by the CDC or ADH.  If you have any additional questions, please contact your child’s building principal.

Proposed Budget for ESSER 3/ARP FUNDS.

COVID-19 Update

Prairie Grove School District is prepared for COVID-19 outbreaks, outside exposure, and individual exposure within our facilities.  The level of community spread and school cases, as determined by the Arkansas Department of Health, will allow us to determine our district level of response.

Arkansas schools must consult with the Arkansas Department of Health for guidance when determining their level of response.  Please see attached COVID-19 flow chart for levels of response.

Quarantine Flow Chart

Quartine Info

Quarantine Info Page 2